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  • Janet Rice-Bredin

    Short BiographyJanet Rice-Bredin has exhibited her quilted art in numerous juried shows across Canada and the US, with several top awards. Lately she has concentrated on knitting, weaving, embroidery and mixed media fibre art collage.
  • Nancy W

    Short BiographyA fledging artist
  • Tammy Stockman

    Short BiographyFloral and landscape photography are my favorite subjects. I have been an Islander for almost two years and I love the endless opportunities to take pictures of the variety of flowers.
  • Rajat Shanbhag

    Short BiographyOil Painter based in Parksville, BC
  • Sheryl Sawchuk

    Short BiographyI paint colourful paintings, mostly in oils but occasionally acrylics or watercolours. My favourite subjects are Vancouver Island scenes and close ups of plants and flowers.
  • Sarah Stewart

    Short BiographyI am an intuitive artist leading others on a journey of self discovery through self-expression through art
  • Natalie Christensen

    Short BiographyI am finding my favourite colours and pigments.
  • Laurie A. McDonald

    Short BiographyLocal Metalsmith works with silver, copper, bronze to create unique jewellery
  • Kim Ricalton

    Short BiographyAfter retiring, I found my passion in intuitive abstract painting. My hunger for learning has driven me to experiment in mixed media where I continue to evolve with my art.
  • Cheryl Rooke

    Short BiographyI moved to Parksville five years ago following my retirement and my passion is Abstract painting.
  • Lynn Northwood

    Short BiographyMosaic Artist creating and offering classes in the wonderful Oceanside Makerspace. I am Also Offering Public Space Beautification with lovely, colorful Mosaics.
  • Nicoline Mann

    Short BiographyPainter of the Wild. Obsessed with animals and bringing them to life in vibrant colour on the canvas! Occasionally offering pet portraits in my signature style.
  • Cheryl Ann Jacobs

    Short BiographyCheryl Jacobs has been creating unique jewelry for 35 years,her work centers around stones,fossils and bones,silver and gold,anything from the natural world.She teaches at N.I.C. and out of her studio in cumberland.
  • Cathy Kluthe

    Short BiographyI’m originally from Alberta, moved to Vancouver, then most recently moved to Parksville. My influences have ranged from the simplistic Japanese style, the Renaissance, journeys from around the world. I am also deeply inspired by my family’s vintage photo album and love the vintage black and white outdoor images of people and their animals on the farm. Nature also has a big influence on me and I am forever drawing, trees, beaches, and birds as part of my practice. After exploring many different styles of art I now know that my strength is my drawing and my painting skills and I see my acrylic painting as flat graphic rather than expressive/impressionistic. My recent influence is blending flat semi-realistic/graphic imagery with abstract backgrounds. I am also exploring textures from natural objects combined with acrylic paint; mixed mediums that include charcoal, chalk pastels, and collage.
  • Diane Brinton

    Short BiographyMy blown glass art continues to evolve from my experience of weaving, watercolour, pottery, jewelry design using precious metal clay.
  • Gordon Wilson

    Short BiographyI am a retired commercial artist, and secondary school teacher (visual arts and communication Technology). Currently, I paint for pleasure in gouache and watercolour and teach various artistic techniques..
  • Meiling Lorenz

    Short BiographyTaiwanese born Canadian. Reside on Vancouver Island since 1997. Enjoy nature and wildlife. Currently concentrate on a personal style of Chinese paintings incorporating western watercolour.
  • Brian Sutton

    Short BiographyPhotographer interested in non-traditional image structures