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  • Joanne Gruttner

    GenrePainter Short BiographyI'm an instructional designer, with a passion for painting intuitive abstract art with acrylics and watercolours. I also love making Tree of Life pendants infused with Reiki energy for healing transference and overall well-being. I'm new to Parksville and interested in connecting with like-minded artists of all genres.
  • DeCosmos Fine Art Society

    GenreArtist Short BiographyDeCosmos Fine Arts Society has over 100 members, including artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals, as well as those simply interested in the appreciation of art.
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  • Carla. FLEGEL

    GenreArtist Short BiographyMy style is referred to as painterly fresh, lively, happy. I do not like perfect photographic paintings. I want to feel the subject and want the viewer to feel the vibrancy and sensation I feel and see what I choose to paint the subject I prefer wedding duet watercolour and the casual accidents that bloom and blend led to the spontaneous vibrant rendition of a scene. I keep evolving, stretching and finding ways to show people how I see the world. I strive to evoke the essence of a subject. I hope my work brings a smile to those who own it. I think we live in a beautiful country and I choose to celebrate that. Carla
  • Dale Rumming

    Genre3D Artist Short BiographyI work in clay, acrylics, alcohol ink and Paverpol
  • Merrilyn Laursen

    Genre2D Artist Short BiographyMerrilyn Laursen lives, paints and plays in Parksville, BC
  • Linda Campbell

    Genre2D Artist Short BiographyAcrylic paint pour artist who makes jewelry from her canvasses
  • Brenda A. Milne

    GenreArtist Short BiographyI'm an artist that loves both painting and sculpture and many genres in between
  • Bonnie Lefebre

    GenreArtist Short BiographyFibre/Textile Artist
  • Joanne Nemeth

    Genre2D Artist Short BiographyMy acrylic paintings are a modified form of pointillism. The contrast of the colored dots and the underpainting make my paintings shimmer. I start with the largest dots first, and slowly fill up the canvas with smaller and smaller dots until I’m satisfied there is no room for more. My work takes patience, but I find that once I have a plan of my work in mind, it is very relaxing to just let the dots flow. I was smitten with the first dot artwork I’d seen that was done by a fellow artist; I knew I had to try it myself. I hope people viewing my work feel something similar. I want to capture their imagination; I want them to wonder: how did she do that?
  • Brian Sutton

    GenrePhotographer Short BiographyPhotographer interested in non-traditional image structures
  • Rhonda Roy

    GenreArtist Short BiographyRhonda Roy is a Zentangle artist and Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in Parksville, BC. She is also Faculty Administrator for the MAC’s School for the Creative Arts and is one of the Artists in Residence at the MAC on Thursdays.

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