Open Call for Artists
2023 ~  B.C. Culture Days
  “The Exquisite Corpse Project”
Curated by  ~  Pattiann Withapea 
45 Artists ~ 15 teams of 3 Artists ~ “Blind” Collaboration. ~ Canvas size is 12” x 36” in a portrait orientation so that each Artist has a 12” x 12” workspace.
The first, “Exquisite Corpse,” was a surrealist art game initiated in Paris in 1925, in which a collection of images were collaboratively created. Each artist adds to a composition in sequence, only seeing a 1” strip of the previous artist’s work. The results are unique and full of visual surprises.
All contributing Artists will be assigned a group number 1 🟢 2 🔵 3🟡
#1 is the top segment of the canvas, #2 is the middle segment, and #3 is the bottom segment. The artwork in the top segment should be representative of a ‘head’, the middle segment of a ‘torso’ and the…
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