Oceanside Community Arts Council Strategic Plan 2015-2020

This is an outline of the strategic plan to which the Board of Directors of Oceanside Community Arts Council (OCAC) commits for the period 2015-2020.  The strategic plan evolved from the Board’s experience and from conclusions drawn from community research conducted by OCAC in 2014-15. The research engaged artists, local and regional residents, arts organizations, community and regional leaders and local government leaders through a combination of survey research and direct consultation.


Vision for Oceanside’s Arts Environment

Creative arts elevate and celebrate Oceanside’s culture and history


Vision for OCAC

OCAC is a driving force in positioning creative arts as central to quality of life in Oceanside


OCAC Mission

  • Collaborate

  • Communicate

  • Celebrate


Core Values

OCAC will execute this strategic plan with strong commitment and integrity, and in a manner that is:

  • Inclusive

  • Representative

  • Supportive

  • Creative

  • Accountable



OCAC recognises the importance of collaboration with regional and community stakeholders, including:

  • Individuals committed to the value of the arts

  • Arts organizations

  • Community organizations and businesses

  • Organizations with regional focus

  • Government


Goals and Strategic Priorities

Goal 1: Lead through collaboration – bring focus to the arts

  • Create an Advisory Panel of arts organizations

  • Mobilize stakeholders to collaborate in regional initiatives and activities

  • Encourage local government and businesses to consider the arts in planning and development

  • Support arts organizations through workshops and seminars

  • Provide tools to develop and maintain organizational strength in the arts community


Goal 2: Showcase Oceanside as a vibrant artistic community

  • Execute a marketing strategy for the arts

  • Communicate what’s happening and where

  • Deliver and encourage major regional arts events and activities at venues throughout Oceanside

  • Replicate the success of the Oceanside Classical Concerts in other creative disciplines

  • Garner support for a high profile regional Centre for the Arts in Oceanside

  • Elevate the level of artistic achievement through educational programs


Goal 3: Engage the Oceanside community in the arts

  • Execute a regional strategy to raise awareness of the arts

  • Build strategic partnerships and alliances

  • Engage First Nations and other cultural communities


Goal 4: Sustain The MAC as one of Oceanside’s arts centres

  • Conduct a feasibility study to provide direction

  • Implement a suitable operating model

  • Clarify identity and branding for The MAC


Goal 5: Provide strong governance for OCAC

  • Clarify identity and branding for OCAC

  • Execute business and financial plans

  • Execute a human resources strategy including volunteers, staff and contractors

  • Execute a strategy to promote the value of membership