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Below The Surface

Acrylic paint and collage on canvas 36"  26

"People are like icebergs.  We only reveal a small portion of ourselves to most people we meet, be they co-workers, acquaintances, or even family members.  “Below The Surface” references the many layers and complexities human beings possess.  It is only by being curious and interested in what really makes people tick that we discover the true story of each individual.  We may reveal bits and pieces of ourselves but rarely are we willing to bare all.  As we float along in life we learn to occasionally open up and let our true selves rise to the surface or like an iceberg we may allow a part of us to separate, or float higher in the water or perhaps sink even deeper into the depths below.  No one knows what life has to offer at any given moment, so we simply must go with the flow. 

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