Nanoose Bay, BC




Composer, Folk, Performer

Short Biography

I bring community together in song, and help people free their voice and creative self-expression.


Sylvia Humble is the founder of Sing Again, a community group that helps people free their voice and rediscover the joy of singing with others, in harmony. She also does singalong events, one-on-one voice empowerment coaching, and hosts a workshop to open the throat chakra and explore your creative expression.

In her youth, Sylvia was classically trained in voice and music theory, won an Ontario Silver Medal, and went on to sing in front of small audiences in rock and folk bands in her early twenties. Then, she left behind her love of singing and songwriting to focus on her career and raising a family.

Two decades later, a health crisis helped her realize she could no longer deny the music in her soul. She left her government cubicle, picked up her ukulele, and started songwriting, recording, and performing again with a passion. Discovering that her purpose was to help others free their voice, since August 2021 Sylvia has been leading a local program called “Sing Again”, empowering others to free their voice, learn to sing in harmony, and have fun singing with others, imperfectly.

Sylvia now delights audiences with her pure, heartfelt vocals and ukulele, and hosts community singalongs to share the joy of singing, bringing people together in song. She hosts a fun community singing group called "Sing Again" which meets weekly at the McMillan Arts Centre and at Parksville Community Park. Her new workshop, "Empower Your Voice" is a safe and connective space to tune the chakras, release what limits your self expression, and get creative with mantras and improvised singing.

You can connect and sing along with Sylvia via her community Facebook group @SingwithSylviaandfriends, and on her YouTube channel:



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