British Columbia




Acrylic, Birds, Folk, Mixed Media, Still Life

Short Biography

I'm a multi-purpose Artist. I work as a 3D creator of Ceramic Paste on Glassware. I also paint acrylics on canvas and wood as Decorative or Folkart designs.


Lori’s studio is located in beautiful Deep Bay, Vancouver Island...people are always welcome to pop by! In the early 1990’s she became a self-taught artist of a decorative painting technique called “One Stroke”. This acrylic painting took her on a journey of painting on glassware. Having taught all over Vancouver Island, she was introduced to a product that adheres to Glassware, porcelain and stoneware...and was hooked! This Metallic Ceramic Paste became a dishwasher and microwave hit! She used the strokes she knew well and applied the paste with her brush to glassware. She still loves to paint with acrylics. In fact, during these past 2 years, she went back to her roots and has created a lot of canvases, evolving from the One Stroke technique to actual Art Works....they’ll be in a special showing in November 2022. Lori’s unique glass, wine and gift ware can purchased at multiple Art Galleries and Gift stores on Vancouver Island, or can be ordered and shipped to your address.



Facebook: Lori Schiersmann