Born in Kent, England, Patricia moved to Canada in 1981 and resided for many years in Alberta.  She now lives in Nanaimo, BC.

 She has a special interest in painting endangered wildlife.  Often something unique about the animal will inspire a painting.  She develops her paintings from research and photographing animals in the wild and enjoys bringing out each animal’s character. 


 One of the strengths of wildlife art is its ability tell stories.  In my paintings I try to bring out the individuality of each animal as it goes about its everyday life. 

 My journey as a Wildlife Artist is one of constant learning.  No matter where I travel I am looking for opportunities – what animals can be encountered in the wild in that area, what birds could I see migrating overhead, what sanctuaries and wildlife preserves are located there.  Choosing subjects, learning about their struggles as a species, developing ideas for how best to paint them are ongoing for every painting – bringing that image out in paint is an absolute joy and so rewarding.

I portray many endangered animals, hoping that bringing them to life in my art will raise awareness of how close we are to losing them.”

Patricia M. Mansell