West Coast, East Coast and parts in between…..  Inspired by Nature

March 11 – April 2, 2023


From a walk on the Wild West Coast to A Maritime Road Trip with a visit to a winery along the way and taking time to smell the flowers.

 I have been interested in art and painting for much of my life with art courses and workshops in my youth and continued the interest, although infrequent through my adult years.  Like most of us life has been taken up with work and family life.  I spent 45 years in the Forest Industry in British Columbia from Haida Gwaii to Vancouver Island.  The stunning landscapes of Coastal British Columbia was an everyday experience as I pursued my career.   I am now fully retired and have taken up painting again with emphasis on pen and ink with watercolour wash.  

I have also taught several workshops in regard to pen and ink with watercolour wash and I tend not to paint what I haven’t experienced and seen with my own eyes,

Jim Sears