In the tradition of creating installation art with a message, the OCAC and the McMillan Arts Centre are excited to present the Summer 2022 exhibit!  The Tale of One Urban Creek is the exploration in glass, photography, acrylic and steel art mediums of the beauty and fragile nature of our special urban places. Focusing the artistic narrative on Parksville’s Shelly Creek we can follow it from its source in Errington farmland, flowing past Little Mountain, to its confluence with the Englishman River just below the Martindale Pond.

Focussing on the unique beauty of our special urban spaces, these amazing local artists bring their incredible talents to create an exhibit that will showcase the story of one of the last local waterways that bears salmon and trout populations and what we can do to sustain and even enhance them for future generations to enjoy.

From cathedral-like images of Shelly Creek filling the windows in the beautiful Concert Gallery, three incredible painted canvasses providing background for a glass and steel cutthroat trout population, huge aerial map of Shelly Creek populated with photographic images of the flora and fauna of the area, to a jaw-dropping centrepiece – a glass simulated waterfall into a rain garden, incorporating colour and light – this exhibit promises to be a spectacular summer experience.

This exhibit is a primary fundraiser for the McMillan Arts Centre, with admission by donation at the door, thank you!

See the Video in the Artist Backstory Menu.