Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10, 2024,  1-3pm

Traditional Haida design is the foundation of my journey as an artist. Studying ancient works,
and the art of Master Carvers of the last century is how I developed my craft and learned the
time-honoured tradition of Haida formline.

As my skills and confidence grew, so did my creativity and desire to add my own artistic spin
into my work. Using traditional formline as an anchor allows me the flexibility to play with
contemporary shapes, colours and design while maintaining a look recognizable as Haida.

The pieces in this exhibit have purposefully departed from the dominant red typically
associated with Northwest Coast Indigenous artwork. By using softer shades of blue, green and
grey along with primary black and white, I hope to appeal to collectors who appreciate Haida
design but are drawn to more muted colours.

As always, my work features classic totems and figures of Haida mythology. While many will be
recognizable, some have been reimagined and deconstructed, and combined in unique ways to
tell the story of a piece.

Embellishments have been used exuberantly in this body of work. While abalone, operculum,
copper, horse hair and cedar bark rope are traditional accents, I’ve been intentionally generous
with their use and combinations.

Inspiration most often comes from my interactions with the natural world. Many pieces in this
collection tell real life stories of my time on the water as a charter boat Captain. Each day I’m
on the water I am awed by the beaauty of the natural surroundings we call home.

Haw’aa (thank you)

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