My first painting that everyone talks about happened when I was about 3 years old and I physically painted my dog with glue made from horses hooves.  He loved the taste of the glue but my parents and grandparents were not impressed!

My family owned a gallery and picture framing shop so I was always surrounded by wonderful art.  I started taking classes at the Edmonton Art Gallery at about 8 years of age and continued classes into adulthood at the University of Alberta.  Through our gallery, I was able to run workshops with many outstanding artists.

When I started to teach art, my own style started to develop although I was always experimenting so I never really stuck with one thing.  My work includes watercolour, pastel, printmaking and acrylic but currently mainly mixed media. I also love to work with polymer art clay, making one of a kind jewellery and 3 D pieces.   My passion has been sharing and working with students of all ages and I learned so much from my students.

In the 1980’s  I travelled and painted with a group of amazing ladies in the Canadian Rockies.  We became the Alpine Trail Artists and had exhibitions in Alberta and Ontario.

Through my interest in art, I am blessed to have made life long friends that continue to influence and encourage me in this never ending journey.

My works have been exhibited in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada and are included in private collections in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, U.K., Europe, Japan and Pakistan.