Natasha van Netten’s Southern Residents is a collection of drawings, paintings and installation works that focus on one of British Columbia’s most iconic animals. From delicate lines made with steel to tiny drawings of immense creatures, these artworks highlight the duality of fragility and strength found in Southern Resident killer whales.

This exhibition contains a collection of small ink drawings in shadow boxes. Influenced by museum displays and zoological drawings, these works bring attention to the individual—showing the unique physical differences between Southern Residents. This collection represents specific members and shows the variations in their saddle patches, the white/grey markings on their backs, aiding researches in orca identification. The drawings are suspended like scientific specimens, bringing attention to their delicacy and giving them the appearance of swimming.

NB: Natasha will be hosting a FREE drop-in colouring bookmark activity on Sunday, June 4th, starting at 12:30pm in her gallery.