In The Midst of Wonder

MAY 31 – JUNE 26, 2022


Experience the wonder and joy of Vancouver Island’s natural beauty through the paintings of Lisa Riehl. Lisa has created a masterful collection of oil and acrylic paintings of the island, from majestic old growth trees and forests to the beaches of the wild west coast. Being immersed in nature is a powerful thing and sometimes evokes very strong emotions. See the island from the point of view of the artist, through a lens that makes everything brighter and more intense.


A unique feature of this show are Haiku poems that have been specially crafted by Lisa to pair with each painting. Haikus are short Japanese poems inspired by the emotion of the moment – they can help expose deep emotions and also gain a different perspective. Through these poems and the phrases she chooses as titles for each of her paintings, Lisa shares with you what she feels with each scene she has created. It may be something completely different from what you the viewer will experience, but let them expand your point of view and work wonders with your soul – as you are In The Midst of Wonder.


Lisa Riehl is an artist from Victoria. Her bold and colourful interpretations of the beautiful landscapes around her have captured the hearts of many art collectors.  Lisa goes almost everywhere with her camera and is always taking photos of scenes that inspire her (and if she’s out with others, she’s always lagging behind taking all these photos!). Once home in her studio, she then uses these photos and the impressions she felt while she was there as references for her distinctive style of oil + acrylic paintings.


Lisa is self-taught but has learned much from the numerous painting workshops she has participated in and from the many incredible instructors who have helped contribute to her unique style. She became an associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) in 2011 and has been in many juried art shows, including FCA shows (both in Vancouver and Victoria), the Sooke Fine Art Show and the Sidney Fine Art Show. Lisa has also been invited to be a jury member for select art shows.


“When I’m working on a canvas, focusing there for hours at a time, it’s like I’m in a meditation, reaching deep down into the core of my being. What I create from there seems to have its own energy. Have you ever seen a piece of art that just stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away? It’s my belief that you are feeling the energy that the artist put into it. I think that’s what connects people to art that moves them – they feel and know that flow of energy, that alignment and beingness.”


Lisa Riehl

(250) 893-5013