My name is Lori Schiersmann and I am an ELITE Certified OneStroke Instructor.  I live in Deep Bay, Vancouver Island with my husband of 43 years.

In 1996, painting started, quite literally, with “one stroke”. Who knew then, that Donna Dewberry, the creator of “One Stroke” would become my mentor and friend over the next 30 years.  As the years came and went I taught One Stroke, all over Vancouver Island, painted glass for fairs and markets, and went to the 2005 Convention in Florida,  and became an Elite One Stroke Instructor.

Then ‘Life’ happened…I discovered a vendor at the convention and discovered the ceramic, metallic paste…and that was the beginning of Tin Cup…I applied the One Stroke method to the ‘stroking of paste” on my glassware….I couldn’t stop, I evolved over the next 18 years…my glassware is still selling in many shops today.  But then…Covid shut down. Yes, we all know that we lost those years, however, that’s when I discovered on ‘social media’ that there were others out there that wanted to paint…learn more, be more….and I joined in….my studio was (and still is) my sanctuary.  I took classes, made paintings my own, learned more about depth, shading, and high-lighting.  One Stroke and Donna were also evolving..and learning new ‘tricks’ of the trade became easier for me to paint and add my own details and ideas to each painting.

Going back to my roots and ‘blooming’ with new found friends and different techniques from all sorts of teachers, I’ve got quite a collection of paintings that I’d like to share with everyone.  I’d like to let people know that there is art in all of us…and creating with different mediums makes it even more exciting.”

Gallery is closed Mondays