Janis Gosbee

Artist Bio

 Janis Gosbee resides in Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Her academic, design and artistic endeavors span more than thirty years and include a Bachelor of Interior Design in the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Manitoba. 

Janis’ infinite passion for the visual arts and art history are seamlessly woven into her daily painting practice. From an early age, she recalls being captivated by the images within her late father's diverse collection of art and books.

Her current work can be viewed at both the Tofino Contemporary Gallery of Art and the Federation Studio located at Granville Island, Vancouver. 

Janis was recently accepted into the Federation of Canadian Artists ‘On the Edge’ Exhibition and the 2023 Sooke Fine Art Show and is also featured in private collections across North America.

Website https://janisgosbee.com

Lisa Riehl

“When I’m working on a canvas, focusing there for hours at a time, it’s like I’m in a meditation, reaching deep down into the core of my being.  What I create from there seems to have its own energy. Have you ever seen a piece of art that just stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away? It’s my belief that you are feeling the energy that the artist put into it. I think that’s what connects people to art that moves them - they feel and know that flow of energy, that alignment and beingness. 

I love this quote from pablo picasso … “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 

I give you my heART and soul 💕”

Website https://www.lisariehl.com/