• Oct 25, 2022 to Nov 20, 2022
  • Location: Nemeth Gallery: McMillan Arts Centre 133 McMillan Street PO Box 1662 Parksville, BC, V9P 2H5
  • Categories: Exhibition
  • Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2022

GROWTH Lynne Patrick

Abstraction is my favourite way of exploring an idea with paint and collage. I use intuitive techniques such as collage, layering of paint and scraping or scratching into wet paint which adds mystery, depth and fragmentation simulating the imperfection of vision, the fluid nature of memory and the richness of lived experience.

Themes I have recently explored include: beach grass landscapes and wild bird murmurations. The beach grass theme contrasts the small ordinariness of beach grass within its greater context: the cosmic energies of sky, sun, earth, wind and water. Plays on visual perspective are present: the beach grass growing at one’s feet superimposed on the expansiveness of a sky view or a distant ocean horizon. This series emerged after several days of camping on the west coast of British Columbia near Tofino.


The paintings within this exhibition invite you to consider a context of uncontrollable and massive external forces, large scale almost atmospheric perspectives and, within the immensity, the small living beings that grow there.