About Creative Kids:

Our goal is to have fun through creative expression while learning some basic art elements, art principles and art history.
This summer we are excited to welcome instructors Juli Rockliff and Emily Brooke to our Tent Studio.  Juli and Emily have a fun variety of classes youu can choose. Our camps include a bit of everything from drawing to painting to multi-media and more.

Classes are $30 and will take place outside in our Tent Studio 

Limit 10 students per class

AM classes:  10am – 12 pm
PM classes:  1-3 pm

Register online or at the MAC Office 


About our Instructors:

Juli Rockliff (July classes): Juli is a born and raised Vancouver Island artist inspired by the beauty of the island, a love of nature and gardening, animals and a love of sharing art with children;  Juli wants to inspire a lifelong love of art by teaching techniques easily recreated at home, so that young artists can experience many art forms to help inspire them to find their inner artist. Juli’s teaching style takes a carefree view of art to create works that include many different mediums. Acrylic painting is her chosen art form, but her experience also includes watercolors, sketching, cartooning and graffiti art.

Brooke Emily (August classes): Brooke has a BFA in Visual Art + Design with a concentration in Creative Writing. She lives and works on Vancouver Island as an artist and therapeutic teacher. This work as a therapeutic teacher has greatly impacted her artistic practice and she has a huge interest in kid-lit and picture bookmaking. Her inspiration comes from all over; from the rugged West Coast, her home in Whiskey Creek, garden, two dogs, and two cats.


 July classes with Juli Rockliff

  • Tue Jul 12:  Getting Jelly with It!    AM Class  or PM Class – Discover the magic of watercolor paints and paint resistant techniques by creating an underwater jellyfish painting. Learn to draw your own jellyfish on a beautiful watercolor backdrop while learning multiple watercolor painting techniques.
  •  Wed Jul 13: Gulls Away –  ​ AM Class  or  PM Class –  Create your own Parksville beach scene starring a Seagull of course! Learn textured painting techniques, pallet knife painting, crafting up a sandy beach and cartooning!​
  •  Thu Jul 14: Join us in the Forest –  AM Class  or  PM Class – Create an old growth BC forest by drawing, painting, collaging and more. Instilling the love of our old growth forests in children by showing them how to create the beauty of the deepest darkest forests.
  • Tue Jul 19: Wild BC Animal Mosaic – AM Class  or  PM Class  – Create a Bear, Eagle, Wolf, or Rabbit by creating an animal with the mosaic art technique. Learn to draw your chosen animal and fill it in with painted paper cut up shapes glued on a wooden art  board.
  • Wed Jul 20: Bees, Flowers and Bears – OH MY!  AM Class  or  PM Class – Discover your inner bear as you paint, draw, collage and sculpt a wildflower meadow and bees around your summer bear peeking out of it all.
  •  Thu Jul 21: Splatter Paint Party – AM Class  or  PM Class  – Splatter paint with acrylics to your hearts content, discovering a love of colour and paint on canvas.  A fun summertime keepsake.
  • Tue Jul 26:   Colour Pop Parrot Collages! –  AM Class  or  PM Class  – Create a fun and vibrant parrot with collage and painting techniques.
  • Wed Jul 27:  Make Waves! – AM Class  or  PM Class  – ​Create your own Zentangle inspired wave with watercolor paints using multiple paint resist techniques ​
  • Thu Jul 28:  Made by Nature –  AM Class  or  PM Class  – ​A camping art scene sponsored by nature. Create your own beautiful keepsake with found objects from nature, string and paint on an wooden art board

 August classes with Brooke Emily

  • Tue Aug 2:  The Great Outdoors – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Create a mixed media landscape with forest, mountain, sea – and more!
  • Wed Aug 3:  Creature Creations! – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Collaborate and come up with your own imaginary characters through portrait-style art and brainstorming games.
  • Thu Aug 4: Abstraction! – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Dive into abstraction and enjoy experimenting with a variety of colours and compositions.
  • Tue Aug 9: Junglescapes – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Embrace colours and collage as you create an art jungle.
  • Wed Aug 10: Galaxy Art – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Create your own galaxy and watch how pastels and crayons interact with ink.
  • Thu Aug 11: Our Wild Animals – AM Class  or  PM Class  –A practice in step-by-step art. Illustrate your own unique take on some of our favourite local animals. Bears, Eagles, Whales…
  • Tue Aug 16: Music and Mediums – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Explore different mediums and see how music impacts your creative process. This is a day of exploration!
  • Wed Aug 17: Under the Sea – AM Class  or  PM Class  –Create your own ocean landscapes with pastels, pens, and crayons and we’ll pour a wash of ocean blue on top!
  • Thu Aug 18: Cartoons & Comics – AM Class  or  PM Class  Engage in a variety of games to help get the creativity flowing so you can come up with your own cartoon and comic art!