Open Call for Artists
2023 ~  B.C. Culture Days
  “The Exquisite Corpse Project”
Curated by  ~  Pattiann Withapea 
45 Artists ~ 15 teams of 3 Artists ~ “Blind” Collaboration. ~ Canvas size is 12” x 36” in a portrait orientation so that each Artist has a 12” x 12” workspace.
The first, “Exquisite Corpse,” was a surrealist art game initiated in Paris in 1925, in which a collection of images were collaboratively created. Each artist adds to a composition in sequence, only seeing a 1” strip of the previous artist’s work. The results are unique and full of visual surprises.
All contributing Artists will be assigned a group number 1 🟢 2 🔵 3🟡
#1 is the top segment of the canvas, #2 is the middle segment, and #3 is the bottom segment. The artwork in the top segment should be representative of a ‘head’, the middle segment of a ‘torso’ and the bottom segment of ‘legs and feet’. Keep in mind that this does not mean it must be in a human form. It could be a head of lettuce, a Buddha belly, and ballerina legs. This photo depicts the top three paintings as decided by our jury panel in 2022.
We have planned a gala evening unveiling event at the Bayside Resort in Parksville on Friday, September 29th from 5 pm - 8 pm with music, cocktails, hors d’ouvres, a professional Photographer, a professional Videographer, a live auction of the 3 awarded paintings, a silent online auction for the additional 12 paintings, and a couple of surprises that will be kept quiet until the actual gala. 
When the paintings are unveiled at the Bayside, the public and the contributing Artists will see the completed paintings for the first time and the Artists will find out who their collaborators were.
We have secured funding for cash awards for the 9 Artists that contribute to the top 3 paintings, gift certificate awards for all contributing Artists, and a T-shirt with our new Exquisite Corpse logo, for all contributing Artists and the panel of judges.
Top 3 paintings will be awarded as follows: *1st place - 3 Contributing Artists receive $100 each. * 2nd place- 3 Contributing Artists receive $75 each.*3rd place - 3 Contributing Artists receive $50 each.
You will be required to pick up your canvas at the McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville on your assigned Sunday, paint your segment in your own studio setting, cover your segment with opaque paper and quality tape, (except for a one inch strip across the bottom of your painting), and return your canvas to the McMillan Arts Centre no later than two pm on the following Saturday. 
***NO Peeking*** 
  Painting Schedule  - Group 1 🟢 Top, Group 2 🔵 Middle,   Group 3 🟡 Bottom
  Unveiling Gala at the Bayside Resort - 🔴
To be accepted into this project you must reply to this Open Call via email and state whether you would prefer the Top, Middle, or Bottom of the 36” x 12” Canvas to confirm your spot on the team. Please send email to, before noon on July 26th. We will try our best to accommodate your choices but please be open and flexible. 
The preferred medium is Acrylic Paint however, you are welcome to use Mixed Media, Pastels, Oil, etc. The only medium we must exclude is watercolour. 
RECAP - send email after looking at the attached calendar, choose your preferred dates and canvas segment. First choice and Second choice. State what medium you will be working with and remember that the last day to reply is July 26th, 2023. The quicker you respond the better your chances of securing your preferred segment. Upon receiving your email, I will send a confirmation to you indicating which group you have been assigned to. 
Thank you and remember, the Exquisite Corpse Project is all about FUN! Please feel free to share this Open Call with your Artist Friends. 
Cheers, Pattiann
Pattiann Withapea-Project Manager & Curator- B.C. Culture Days - 🇨🇦 
SCA - Society of Canadian Artists 🇨🇦
FCA - Federation of Canadian Artists 🇨🇦

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